Alternative Heavy Rock
Firenze (Fi)
Anno di formazione 2006
81db at voices video backstage
The band 81db was formed in April 2006 by guitarist Kostas Ladopoulos. The idea was to make a modern sounding group by combining melodies and heavy riffs with folk elements derived from Kostas' Greek origins. This is music that challenges the mind. With every listen you discover new ways to comprehend it. After a while Antonio and Filippo Capursi joined the group (Bass / Drums). The group stayed without a singer for a couple of months in which they recorded 3 songs and composed several more. In October 2006 William Costello responded to the band's call for a vocalist. His melodic yet fanatical voice was the perfect match for Kostas' imaginative compositions. William wrote lyrics and recorded for 3 tracks (So Wounded, Voices, Generation XXX). 81db had their first promo CD (Promo XXX - 2006) finished at the beginning of November 2006.
Around 500 copies were freely distributed to people at concerts, friends and anyone who liked what they were doing. The response was overwhelming and so much so, that at the debut concert of the group there were around 150 people! Meanwhile, more material was created and the band played 12 concerts in 6 months. Various pod casts and local radios passed the song voices and got positive reviews for the home-made promo CD. Comments like "Original" "Without musical limits" "Psychotic sounding" etc. which were exactly what the compositions strived to reflect. In March 2007 81db along with Fabio Bianchini, started filming a video of the song 'Voices'. Craziness and creativity led to an extraordinary result. In June 2007 the band entered the studio Larione10 of Florence to record 12 tracks. After the recording, Antonio had to leave the band for personal reasons. It didn't take long until the new bassist came onboard. Vieri Pestelli was already in contact with Kostas for another musical project. His superior skill and eclectic taste in bass playing made him a perfect match for 81db. Finally, recording of the tracks was finished. After many successful reviews of their 2007 4-track promo EP, many people have become extremely curious on what's to follow. Time has come to find out what these guys have been up to this last period.
With their debut CD, Evaluation out Orion's Belt Records / RNC Music and EMI publishing, the band explores the infinite world of notes promising a 50 min. music journey that will play and challenge your emotions, ears and minds. Evaluation is released on the most important digital platforms around the world on 13 February 2009 and on CD March 2009 distributed in Italy by SELF distributions and many territories to follow later on.

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